Saturday, May 26, 2012

Green eyes and Eyeshadows

Green eyes are really beautiful and they can look even more expressive and bright just by adding the right colors.

What colors should you try?
  • Browns, specially chocolate ones.
  • Dark green, golden tones and copper will give you an amazing evening make-up and your eyes will also look really glamorous.
  • If you want a touch of shimmer metallic colors work really beautifuly on this eye color.
  • If you want a nice highlighter then apricot and taupes are just the perfect choise.
  • But the best color you can wear when your eyes are green is any purple shadow: lavender, violet and aubergine are going to make your look be more appealing and your eyes will be greener that ever.

What colors should you avoid?
  • Blue! Don't try it, blue eyeshadow is just going to take all the beauty from your green eyes and you don't want that.
  • Also silver and white shadows are not good for your eyes.

Try to always avoid cold colors and always pick warm ones, they are terrific on green eyes!!
Another nice tip is try to use just brown eyeliner, unless you are going to a night party or something like that, brown eyeliner is the best option for green eyes.

If you have green eyes, then you should try this products:

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  1. Good advice :)
    I have hazel / green eyes and I find the colours you mentioned look best on me.

    Thanks for your comment, just became a follower xo


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