Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to wear my white shirt?

Rag bone blouse

Rag & Bone
Riley Shirt


We all have one in our wardrobes, but sometimes we just don't know what to do with it! 
Well, a white blouse is so nice and simple that can really go with everything, but a few ideas are always good.

Shorts: Romwe; Handbag: Chanel; Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg; Sunnies: Stella McCartney

Try wearing your white shirt with a pair of shorts in a really bright color (red, coral, hot pink, blue) and neutral accesories for a fun yet classy look. This is perfect for a lunch with your friends or walking around the city in a sunny aftenoon.

Lips ready to Kiss

We all want beautiful, soft and kissable lips, but sometimes we just not take care of them as we should.

Lips are a really delicate part of our skin and they have to have their own products in order to make them look and feel gorgeous.

  • First of all, drink water!! That way you are going to keep not only your lips but your skin hydrated, soft and looking really good.

  • Don't lick your lips, that only makes them go dryer.

  • Buy a good lip balm, and use it every two or three hours in order to keep your lips moisturized and also invest in a good lipstick or lipgloss as they might make your lips dryer as well.

  • If your lips are kind of flaky you can try a lip scrub that you can easily find do it yourself with some honey and baking soda. Just apply the mixture on your lips for a few minutes and wash them with water. Finally out some olive oil to moisturize them and make them look awesome. But if diy is not for you you can try the lip scrub from Sara Happ which eliminates dry and death skin.

Just give your lips five minutes a week and some water and they will be soft and kissable every day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clean Phone, Fresh Skin

Are you one of those girls who have lots of things on your purse? 
Make-up, money, keys, notebooks, lotion,  or even food? 

Well, when your phone touches all of those items it might get lots of bacteria, and that bacteria  may be the reason why sometimes you get a blackhead or a blemish on your face and according to some dermatologists you can even have a full breakout because of it. So, to avoid this nightmare all you really have to do is clean  your phone with a piece of cloth and some alcohol twice a week. That way, you will be killing the bacteria and your phone won't only look better, but your face will look better as well.

So clean your phone and have fun!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to wear my lace shorts?

RED Valentino shorts
RED Valentino Shorts

Summer is almost here and shorts and skirts are really something you must have for this season. Denim shorts are really popular, but what about a pair of beautiful and femenine lace shorts?

They are amazing! And you can wear them in lots of differente and fun ways.

Top: Phillip Lim; Bag: J. Crew; Oxfords: Palazzo Bruciato; Bracelets: Amrita Singh

Were you invited to a party by a pool? 

Just use a nice pair of lace shorts with a neutral tank top tucked in, a pair of oxfords (so you can be comfortable!!), some bracelets and a nice and colorful cross body bag. 

It works because you will be fresh and still looking really stylish all day long.

Blouse: Monki; Wedges: Jimmy Choo; Necklace: House of Harlow 1960; Bag: GUESS by Marciano

Are you going to a bruch?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Change your hair tone!

Do you want a new look but you are not sure how to get one? Well, changing your hair color might be the answer you were looking forward.

But what color should you try? Maybe blonde or red? If you don't know then keep reading and find some cool tips for your best hair color.


Will look good on you if...
You a have fair or medium-fair natural skin color.
You have sharp features.
Your face is rounded. 

Won't look good on you if...
You have a really skinny or long face.
Your natural skin color is dark.

If you decide to get this hair color you should go to a specialist because you have to bleach your hair and you don't want it to be orange or uneven.

Smoky or golden eyes, nude lips or red ones, and every bright color on your outfit will pop you light blonde hair. Stay away from yellow on your clothes. But do wear earth tones and black.


Will look good on you if...
You have sharp features.
Your skin is medium-fair or medium-dark, or any golden tone.
You have a prominent nose.
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