Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lips ready to Kiss

We all want beautiful, soft and kissable lips, but sometimes we just not take care of them as we should.

Lips are a really delicate part of our skin and they have to have their own products in order to make them look and feel gorgeous.

  • First of all, drink water!! That way you are going to keep not only your lips but your skin hydrated, soft and looking really good.

  • Don't lick your lips, that only makes them go dryer.

  • Buy a good lip balm, and use it every two or three hours in order to keep your lips moisturized and also invest in a good lipstick or lipgloss as they might make your lips dryer as well.

  • If your lips are kind of flaky you can try a lip scrub that you can easily find do it yourself with some honey and baking soda. Just apply the mixture on your lips for a few minutes and wash them with water. Finally out some olive oil to moisturize them and make them look awesome. But if diy is not for you you can try the lip scrub from Sara Happ which eliminates dry and death skin.

Just give your lips five minutes a week and some water and they will be soft and kissable every day.

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